About Centrum

The Silesian Culture Centre was formally established according to the resolution taken by the County Council in Tarnowskie Góry on 27 April 2012. The Centre started its official activity on 1 January 2013; the staff was completed on 1 March 2013 and since then cultural events have been taking place there. The main idea of the Silesian Culture Centre founders was to create a place integrating local community as well as promote tradition, history, science and art of the region, both in Poland and abroad. 

Silesia is a specific region where different cultures meet and interact, its multiculturalism is unique and deserves to be preserved and presented. This is our goal: “so that Silesian would give food for thought.” We would like to combine the cultural and intellectual tradition of Silesia with a modern look at art and culture nowadays. Therefore, the Silesian Culture Centre is open also for the young artists. Our offer and extensive range of activities include permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational workshops, multimedia lectures, sessions on Silesian history and culture presented by scientists and artists, lectures, concerts, meetings with prominent people, publishing and scientific activity, recreational and educational events and conferences. The building is equipped with all the necessary facilities in the renovated and well protected exhibition halls and conference rooms (in the future a hotel and restaurant are planned here). The Silesian Culture Centre is a perfect blend of the past with modernity and functionality.

After six years activity the Centre has already gained the reputation of an institution offering artistic and educational projects of highest quality, attracting people from Poland and abroad.

A major advantage of the Silesian Culture Centre is its location and convenient access. The palace is located near Pyrzowice Airport, A1 motorway as well as S1 and S11 express ways. It is surrounded by numerous tourist destinations of the county such as Historic Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Góry or palaces and castles in Świerklaniec , Rybna, Brynek, Kamieniec, Szałsza and Stare Tarnowice.