Palace and park

The seat of the Silesian Culture Center is located in the historic, 19th century palace of Counts Henckel von Donnersmarck, whose interiors were thoroughly renovated in 2010-2012 years. In use are rooms on the ground floor (exhibition space), on the first floor (exhibition and office) and partly in the basement (for utility purpose).






Exhibition rooms

The exhibition rooms are very functional and can serve for following purposes: conference, concert, video projection, lecture, catering and special functions (celebrations, meetings, celebrations, etc.).

Other rooms



The palace park was designed by Peter Joseph Lenne. It was dominated by open landscape spaces decorated with compositions of trees and bushes of national and exotic origin. After the war the park layout was neglected, the communication system was compacted, free spaces were filled with numerous groups of trees and shrubs, mainly of a local species, enriched with single exotic species. For the years 2019-2020 conservation works are planned which will restore the original appearance of the park.

The park is listed in the registry of the Provincial Conservator.


Since April 2019 park has a new stylish lighting.