The Bike Ride

A regular event being an integral part of the Nobility Weekend and a very attractive form of popularizing historical knowledge among all age groups.

The ride always goes along the route of residences or other kinds of buildings associated with the Silesian aristocracy, which dr Arkadiusz Kuzio-Podrucki talks about during the stops. The tourist and recreational values ​​of the Tarnowskie Góry county are also promoted on this occasion. The ride ends with a picnic, during which participants can have a meal (pea soup, grilled sausage) and since 2016 they have also drawn lots funded by representatives of various companies. It is worth mentioning that our initiative was supported very willingly by the Nakło Śląskie community and the surrounding areas shops, a pharmacy, and small local entrepreneurs. Such a formula of the ride – combining sport, recreation and tourism with historical education – is very popular among residents of the whole Silesia (including entire families), as evidenced by the record-breaking turnout in recent years: the number of participants exceeded 200! It is also a great proof of the high level of the organization of the event and its attractiveness.


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